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Q: How do I get a clear view that all punches have been attested?

A: It is useful to create a filter on Unattested punches to make sure nothing is missed. Once everything is attested in the period, a green circle will appear around the users picture. Attest status per unit can be found under Time.

Q: Does a district manager still need to go in to each unit to attest times for local managers?

A: Not if the units are in the same district! A great new benefit to the Quinyx structure is that the district manager can look at the schedule for the entire district. The district manager can then create a filter which includes just the local managers and can easily administer and attest their times in one view.

Q: Can a manager with a lower role level, attest time punches of a manager with higher role level?

A: Yes. So long as the manager's role have Write access to Attest, they can attest another managers timepunch. Role levels are not considered here.

Q: Is it possible to attest several punches at the same time?

A: Yes, it is possible to batch attest punches. In the Schedule view, press the "three dots" on the employee portrait, then select Attest all.

Q: Is it possible to switch the attesting order so that managers attest before employees?

A: The attestation process in Quinyx generally involves the employee attesting their hours first, followed by a manager. However, the system does allow for flexibility depending on your internal processes. In Time settings, you can configure the attestation process so that managers can attest for the employees as well. However, by doing this, the employee attest checkbox will be ticked as well if a manager decides to attest for an employee.

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