Frontline Portal - Auto logout FAQ

Updated by Daniel Sjögren

Q: Frontline Portal logged me out when I was on my PC, not my corporate login and not using SSO. What is the timing when I would be automatically timed out?

A: When you log into the Frontline Portal via PC, a standalone session cookie is created (so if you refresh you are still authenticated). This cookie expires after 1 hour.

Q: Is there a logout timer when using the Frontline Portal via the Quinyx mobile apps?

A: If someone's logged in via SSO in the Quinyx mobile apps, it follows the SSO's timer settings. When logging in via SSO, a refresh token is sent that is valid for 30 days.

If someone is logged in with a password, it follows Quinyx' timer settings found in Group Management > Advanced unit settings > Settings.

Note that the above answer assumes you are an all-in-one customer and don't use the Frontline Portal as your only product. If you are a stand-alone user and use the Frontline Portal through mobile devices, the settings from the browser version of the product apply.
Read more about the Quinyx logout timer here.

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