Frontline Portal - Uploading files for review

Updated by Daniel Sjögren

Before proceeding, you should take a look at the articles: Viewing a Task, Starting a task.

You may be asked to add uploads when you are completing a task.

To do this, navigate to the Task where you have been asked to upload a picture.

Once files have completed uploading, you can preview them by clicking on the name of the file, or the thumbnail of the file (for JPG images). After you have uploaded your picture, you can let the reviewer know by sending them a message, and/or Mark as complete.

Hint! If you upload image files (e.g. jpg, png) then this will allow you and other users to add annotations later.
In some cases, your upload may be subject for review before its possible to complete the task. For more information, please read the article Completing tasks.
Hint: If you're using a mobile device to upload then press the + button and then press Select Files to Upload.

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