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Below you will find a list of all our current Quinyx FAQ articles. As with all product documentation, these will get updated over time. If you have any questions that you would like to have added, please get in touch with our Support team.

List of FAQ articles (A-Z)


Absence FAQ

absence, part-time absence

Absence schedule FAQ

absence schedule, recurring absence

Agreement templates FAQ

agreement templates, agreement

Attest FAQ

attest, punches, time, attested worked hours, batch attest

Audit logs FAQ

audit logs, schedule, time, salary, configuration

Availability FAQ

availability, mobile availability

Base schedule FAQ

base schedule, schedule templates, rollout

Colors FAQ

colors, shift colors, absence colors,

Dashboard FAQ

dashboard, upcoming events

Documents FAQ

documents, attachments

E-signature (Scrive) FAQ

e-signature, scrive, agreement

Integrations FAQ

integrations, API, REST, SOAP

Languages FAQ

languages, changing language

Organization FAQ

organization, role management

Overtime FAQ

overtime, overtime period, overtime methods, salary type

People FAQ

people, employees

Punches FAQ

punch, task, shift

Qmail FAQ

qmail, attachments, notifications

Quinyx general usage FAQ

staff portal, logout, test environment, feedback

Quinyx and Insights FAQ

insights, SSO, data

Reports FAQ

reports, analytics

Roles and access rights FAQ

roles, access rights, inherited member, staff category

Scheduling FAQ

scheduling, bulk delete, bulk edit, schedule time enumeration

Statistics FAQ

statistics, scheduled hours, productive hours, salary cost

Transfer to payroll FAQ

transfer to payroll, daybreak, salary period, time

Unavailability FAQ

unavailability, availability, schedule, make available

Weekly rest defined on an employee agreement FAQ

weekly rest, employee agreement, daybreak, daily rest

Why does a Time Tracker balance change without transactions?

time trackers, balance, transfer to payroll, definitive transfer, unlocked periods

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