Unavailability FAQ

Updated by Leigh Hutchens

Q: What is unavailability?

Unavailability allows you to see if employees are not available in the schedule view. The purpose of this feature is to provide additional help in the scheduling process to find relevant employees to schedule for a particular shift and also to simplify scheduling employees who are shared across units.

You can filter on unavailability to view employees who aren't available to work during a certain period.

Read more about unavailability here.
Q: What is the difference between unavailability and availability?

Mobile availability allows users to add when they are available to work in the mobile app.

Once entered by the employee in the mobile app, their manager can see unavailability in the schedule view by filtering on People > Employee has > Unavailability/Availability. An employee can either be unavailable because of their agreement or because they haven't marked themselves as available on a particular date.

Read more here about using mobile availability.

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