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A: To set up an automatic webpunch link two criteria need to be met:

  • You need to create a webpunch link for the unit that you want the automatic login for. That link needs to be connected to an external IP address. More info on that here.
  • You need to have someone with a manager role selected for the selected unit. This is done from Account settings > Group management > [Desired unit] > The Manager-field.

Q: If I, for example, have a shift between 08.00 - 14.00 and punch out 14.30, I get the question of what I want to do with my overtime - why is that, and what setting(s) controls this?

A: This is because the webpunch setting Overtime is activated. When activated it provides the employee with the option to edit their overtime. You either have the option to have it paid out, or added to a TimeTracker balance.

If you activate the Overtime setting, you will also get the option to activate a sub-setting called Overtime type selection. This allows the user to define how to use their overtime compensation when prompted.

In the agreement template settings under Time > Overtime you also have the option to allow the user to ignore overtime in webpunch.

Q: Can I leave comments when I punch in late/punch out early? If yes, how do I set this up?

A: Yes, it's possible to leave a comment when punching in late/punch out early. To do this, you need to enable Comment box in the Webpunch settings. This can be done in Account settings > Webpunch settings > Comment box.

Q: Can I control the webpunch settings on a unit level?

A: No, you can't. The activated webpunch settings will be applied for all employees that punch in/out. You can however control if the user should have the ability to ignore overtime selection via the agreement template. There, you can also set up rules for punch deviation and if an absence is to be created if an employee punches in/out late or early.

Q: I'm not able to sign in to webpunch due to the following error message: ”The given combination of IP 123, unitID 456 is not approved for simplified login, or manager is not set on the unit” - what can I do from here?

A: If you see this error message it's because one or two of the following criteria have not been met:

  • The external IP address added to the automatic webpunch link in Webpunch settings does not match the IP address that the punch device is connected to. You can find more info on how to set up your external IP address to your automatic webpunch link here.
  • No manager has been selected for the unit. See more information in the second bullet point for question 1 above.
Q: I'm not able to punch in to webpunch using my RFID tag/magnetic card due to the following error message: "Invalid card number" why is this?

A: If you see this error message it could be due to a few reasons:

  • The code on your RFID tag/card does not match the digits in the Card number field on your employee staff card. Read more here.
  • Depending on the device you use for punching in, you might either have a touchscreen (f.e.x a tablet) with the numpad, or a keyboard connected to a computer.
    If you press "OK" on the numpad (like you would using a tablet), webpunch will compare the digits on your RFID tag/card against the Badge no. field on your staff card. If you use a keyboard and press Enter, webpunch will compare the digits on your RFID tag/card against the Card number field on your staff card.

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