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Q: Is there an equivalent to schedule templates in Quinyx?

A: Yes, the concept of base schedules encompasses both the fixed schedule and template functionalities.

Q: Can I copy a base schedule from one unit to another?

A: At the moment, this is not possible. The ambition is to add that possibility down the line, although we currently aren’t able to say when. Please keep up to date on our release notes.

Q: What is the maximum template period for a base schedule ?

A: 24 weeks. You are only able to look at eight weeks at the time in the base schedule.

Q: Can I roll back a base schedule?

A: No, in most cases there is no need to. If you make changes, roll it out again and Quinyx will adjust. It will however re-add shifts that you have deleted in the schedule. If you would like to start over from scratch you can delete everything by selecting Delete shifts under the More options menu on the top right hand side. For more details about this, read more about Re-rollout logic.

Q: How do I assign shifts to an employee in different units in the base schedule?

A: Currently you can't do that instead this employee will need to be in the base schedules of the individual units.

Q: Can I add a shift that is longer than 24 hours in Quinyx?

A: No. We know that we want to implement this feature, but currently we have no timeline. 

Q: Can I roll out only one employee's schedule from the base schedule?

A: Yes, by filtering on the relevant employee you are able to roll out for only one person.

Q: At what levels can I create a base schedule ?

A: You can create a base schedule on the unit (with employee or shift associated to a section) or on the section (by navigating to it).

Read more about Base schedule.

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