Version 380

Updated by Leigh Hutchens

Release date July 29, 2020

New functionality

New WSDL API endpoints

wsdlGetTextItems : New endpoint to be able to return all text items for selected unit (main unit API key).

wsdlUpdateSections : New endpoint to be able to create/update sections.

Updates and performance improvements

General improvements in regards to caching data and fetching scheduled hours.

Overtime and additional time

Update to overtime and additional time calculations in regards to shifts with "Count as scheduled hours" = off and shifts "Count as punched hours" = off. If a shift has both these settings set to 'off', then this will not generate any overtime or additional time.

If the shift has "Count as scheduled hours" = off and "Count as punched hours" = on this has the same definition as to have not been scheduled but you have worked. In this case, additional time/overtime will be generated.


When using Scrive and having view method not as standard (e.g., BankID, SMS, etc.), persons signing in the signatory flow will be redirected to instead of the archived document.

edited 2020-20-24 in regards to wrong documentation of what employee was redirected

Bug fixes

  • Correction to an issue when reverting an absence added with an absence schedule that created multiple shifts.
  • Resolved an issue that allowed a fixed schedule to be rolled out and approved after an agreement end date. 
  • Resolved a Time Tracker issue that prevented vacation days from being added on the last day of an agreement. 
  • wsdlUpdateStandardBankHolidays no longer returns a 500 error  when onlyTheseUnitGroups has a value.
  • Resolved an issue that sent a user’s leave application directly to the Local manager instead of the selected manager under Reporting to and did not notify the Reporting to manager of the leave application via Qmail.

API / Web service updates

wsdlUpdateTextItems : Possibility to update showInWebpunch

wsdlInitiateTransferToPayroll : Possibility to select uploadFileToServer

wsdlGetSections : Now returns extGroupId in the response

wsdlGetEmployeesV2 : Now returns autoMan

wsdlUpdateUnit : Possibility to set extGroupId

wsdlGetUnit : Now returns groupId and extGroupId

wsdlGetUnits : Now returns groupId and extGroupId

wsdlGetUnitsAPI-key : Now returns groupId and extGroupId

wsdlUpdateShiftTypes : Possibility to update isFreeDay, countPunchHours, countScheduleHours, break 2,3 and 4

wsdlGetShiftCategories : Now returns isFreeDay, countPunchHours, countScheduleHours

wsdlGetEmployeesV2 : Possibility to define what Neo roles should be returned with defining <neoRolesIds> . this is optional but needs to be in the request but can in that case be empty.

wsdlUpdateEmployees : Added flag named : updateNeoGroup to be able to update existing Neo group id and role id

wsdlGetEmployeeSkills : Now returns skillExpires , skillExpiringDate

wsdlGetStandardBankHolidays : Now returns reddayId

wsdlUpdateStandardBankHolidays : Now returns reddayId

Click here to view the new Quinyx WFM Web Service documentation. You can find even more web services info here.
We encourage all our customers to make use of our APIs to maintain data and to ensure that information is up-to-date. To ensure scalability of our APIs while growing our customer and user base, we have decided to add restrictions on usage of our APIs. These restrictions will be enforced programmatically. We are currently monitoring usage of our APIs to identify which restrictions will be necessary to ensure performance over time.The first limit will be related to number of concurrent calls which will be set to 5. You should expect response code 429 if you happen to exceed this limit. We will inform you when this limit and any additional limits will be enforced in upcoming release notes so you have time to make any necessary changes to your clients.

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