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If you're in a project, you will have a Quinyx Application Specialist contact with whom you can consult. If you are not in a project, talk to your Quinyx Support contact if you have any questions.

Configuring Quinyx is pretty straightforward, and you should do things in a certain order. Your assigned Application Specialist will guide you through the configuration during the project. The goal of our configuration articles is to give you an overview of all the necessary steps and to provide you with a basic understanding of how things are done. 

The creation of a customer is done by an Application Specialist from Quinyx at the start of your project along with adding a contact person, as well as some basic information about your organization. The Application Specialist will also set up one Staff category and create an Account owner for your account so you can log in and start exploring the product.

The Support will activate the modules that are included.

The creation of the customer account also creates the first unit in your structure. This unit has unique qualities so you should go through the unit settings of this Main Unit before you create anything more units in your organization.

During the configuration process, make sure to take notes and ask your Application Specialist questions.

Steps for basic configuration

Some configuration steps are mandatory, and those are marked with * so it will be easy for you to see what must be configured. The steps that aren't mandatory can be performed later, so you don’t have to configure them all from the start. 

Your Application Specialist will guide you through the configuration and help you with any questions you have.

What if you want to change settings that aren't accessible?

If you want to change settings that aren't currently accessible, you can contact Quinyx Support to help you update them. Write "Settings" in the subject line of your case.

However, before you contact Support, please consider the following:

  • Am I a support contact/superuser for my organization?
  • Have you checked that the setting is not available in Quinyx yet?
  • Do you know specifically the change you want to make?
  • Do you know the desired result the change will have?
Click here if you want to know more about how to get help.

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