Version 343

New features

Added logging for agreement changes

New log information for agreement changes are added and can be found under Settings → Logs → Select agreement.

The new logging contains updates, changes and deletion of:

  • Salary
  • Salary adjustments
    • Employee age
    • Years worked
    • Personal additional salaries

Read more about logs in the manual here and more information about agreements can be found here.

Added logging for manual salary types added to the time card

New logging has been added to the time logs when manual salary types are added, deleted and modified.

The logs can be found underTime → Logs.

Read more about logs in the manual here and about the time card here

Possibility to disable login in with email and password when using SSO

We have added the possibility to prevent users from logging into Quinyx with username and password. This setting is a unit setting and will verify when a user tries to login if the unit the employee belongs has this restriction set. In that case the user will be presented with a pop up informing them that login is only possible through SSO. This setting is located on the unit card Settings → Units → Selected unit → Settings → Allow only SSO login.

Currently this option only affects restrictions to but will in upcoming releases also affect the mobile app. This setting is turned off by default and will not affect existing login process if not activated.

API / Web Service updates

New Web Service call wsdlProcessLeaves is added that allows for approving or denying pending leave requests through the API.

Validation has been added to the response in wsdlGetPayrollV2

Read more about Web Services and API in the links below

Click here to view the new Quinyx WFM Web Service documentation
Click here to view the historical Quinyx WFM Web Service documentation

Bug fixes

  • Filter by employee section and filter by shift sections now shows correct sections
  • Fix to Schedule Report regarding always displaying absence as "Unpaid" leave

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