How to get your issue resolved as quickly as possible

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How to get your ticket resolved as quickly as possible!

We understand that you sometimes experience trouble with Quinyx and need our help. We have a dedicated team that is giving support to all our customers.

They are always doing the best they can to help you and answer any questions as soon as possible, but since Quinyx is a very flexible and complex system, it’s not always easy to understand your particular issue. So here are some tips from us that we hope will help you, and us, to solve your issue and answer your questions faster. 

What were you trying to do?

Explain to us what you were doing when you discovered the issue or when the issue occurred.

What were you expecting to happen?

When you did the above, what were you expeceting Quinyx to do, or what were you expecting to happen?

What actually happened?

Instead of getting the result that you expected, you got something else. What was that?

Send us an example

You can always copy the URL from the current page where you are at. In addition, please provide us with the User-ID/Name of the user where the issue occurred. If it's an issue that affects more than one employee, let us know this, but one or a few examples are always helpful.

The key to understanding the issue is knowing what you were expecting when something unexpected happened!

Quinyx Customer Support is handling 700+ customers, all with their own adaptations of the system. That is why providing the information above is essential for us to understand the issue, investigate it, and reply with an answer to you faster. 

Thank you!

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