Quinyx Messenger FAQ

Updated by Daniel Sjögren

Q: What happens to a user that is deactivated or deleted from the system in Messenger?

A: If a user has been deactivated or deleted from the system, that name will be greyed out and not shown in Messenger.

Q: What about starting a messenger group with people from different units & sections?

A: As a user, e.g., a manager with a role on a district level, I can initiate a group chat with users who don't have access to each other otherwise.


If I am a district manager and have a direct role on the district and inherited roles to all the units below, I am able to initiate a group chat with local managers in units A, B, and C that are under the district, even though those local managers would be unable to contact each other themselves since they are not shared to each other's units.

When I, as a district manager, create this chat group, the unit managers will be able to chat with each other in that specific chat group created by the district manager. However, they will not be able to start a conversation with each other outside that group since they dont belong to the same groups.

Q: What about Messenger access for managers in the Manager portal vs. Staff portal/mobile?

A: If a user has a manager role and wants to get access to Messenger in the Staff portal or mobile apps, the user has to have a staff category with the Messenger permission enabled, even if the user does not have an employee role at all, but just a manager role.

That is, for the mobile and staff portal, messenger access is exclusively controlled by staff category permission. However, in order to get Messenger in the Manager portal, the Messenger permission has to be granted in Account settings > Role management for any of the user's manager roles.

For instance, if a manager has a staff category with Messenger enabled AND a manager role without Messenger permission, the Messenger functionality will be shown only in the mobile or staff portal, but not in the manager portal.

Q: What is the size limit of an attachment in Messenger?

The size limit of an attachment in Messenger is 100MB.

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