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On our settings page we have several different settings and options:
  • Allow Qmail notifications: This function rules if you want to receive push notifications from the Quinyx app when a Qmail is auto-generated. One example of such a push notification is when a shift has been assigned to you or a leave application has been approved.
  • Enable time punch reminders: This feature reminds you to punch in or out when you arrive at or leave your workplace. You need to allow the location access "Always" for the Quinyx app in order for the time punch reminders to work correct.
  • Enable notifications for unassigned shifts matching notice of interests: With this setting enabled, you're informed when an open shift matching your notice of interest is created.
  • Enable shift reminders: You're reminded before your shift starts. You can specify how much time in advance of your shift's start time you want the notification to be generated.
  • Notification badge for unattested punches: Notification dot is generated on the app and attest page when you have unattested punches.

Notification settings available if you have a manager role

  • Enable reminders for late punch-in: You're informed when an employee is late to work according to your set warning time.
  • Enable reminders for late punch-out: You're informed when an employee has not punched out within the set warning time after the shift's end time.

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