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Working with additional fields

Additional fields are custom input fields that you can configure for the employee details, to cater to the unique needs of your organization.

For example, in the employee information we have default fields for standard employee information such as Name, Date of Birth, and Address.

Different companies may require additional information due to different regional requirements, the integration to your HR system, or the industry you work within. Using additional fields you could, for example, create a space to provide details around an employees drivers licence, or a space for the specific bank details needed per employee for payroll.

The additional fields functionality is designed to be flexible and cater to the different types of employee data you may need. In setting up new additional fields, you can create custom fields that use free text, date pickers, or drop-downs.

Overview of additional fields

Under Account Settings > People > Additional fields, you can fully configure custom fields that will appear under the Additional fields section of the employee card. Here you can:

  • Click add to create a new additional field.
  • Click on the additional field name to edit an existing configuration.
  • Click the trash action icon to delete a configuration.

For example, if creating an additional field to define an employee's Favorite Color, you create a new additional field in the account settings:

You can manually define the order of the additional fields as they should appear in the employee card in the People tab.

This means that you can configure the order of these custom configurations (found in People > Employee X > Additional fields) to allow for better grouping and to better reflect the natural flow of information.

If untouched, the articles will continue to be sorted alphabetically. Otherwise, the order presented in the configuration will be reflected in the employee card.

Under People > Employee Z > Additional Fields, you will see the new input field available for every employee:

Note that the additional fields will be sorted alphabetically, both in the account settings and as shown in the employee card.

Configuring additional fields

When configuring an additional field, you can define advanced rules for each new field:




The name of the additional field, as it will appear in the employee card.

This is a mandatory field, with a maximum character limit of 128.

Field Key

An extension of the title where you can create a mapping key for this field, used for mapping the input to different PDF forms.

This is a mandatory field, with a maximum character limit of 64.

Field Type

Described in the chart below.

Regular expression

Described in the chart below, only visible for Field Type > Text.


If configured, this will provide a help text when hovering over the additional field in the employee card.


If selected, this additional field is required for an employee.


If selected, this additional field has to have a unique value.

When configuring an additional field, you can select between four different field types:

Field Type



Can be used to provide free text input for an additional field.

You can add advanced validations to this field, by adding a regular expression to dictate, for example, whether there is a character limit for this field or if it should only allow numerical input.


Enables a date picker, for the user to select the day - month - year as input for an additional field.


Enables a simple check box for yes/no (or true/false) input for an additional field.


Can create a drop-down of preselected options, as the input for the additional field.

If the additional field is "Favourite Colour" the options could be:

1. Sonic Blue

2. Surf Green

3. Shell Pink

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