A way to schedule move of employees from one home unit to another

wsdlMoveEmployees provides an alternative method of moving employees from one home unit to another. Normally, an employee is moved from one home unit to another by providing the new home unit’s API key in wsdlUpdateEmployee.

However, using this method the employee is moved immediately as soon as the call is complete. With wsdlMoveEmployees it is possible to schedule the employee for moving in the future.


You need to have Settings > Customers > Miscellaneous Info > Share Setup | Share Staff enabled to use the wsdlMoveEmployees service.

The Move Process

The move process happens in 3 steps.

  • First (sharableOnNewUnitFrom) the employee get shared to the new unit to be available for scheduling.
  • Then (newUnitStartDate) the employee get moved to the new unit. At the same time the previous share is closed. Attributes such as section, reportingTo are updated. The employee get shared to the previous unit to be available for administration.
  • Last (oldUnitEndShareDate) we close the share with the previous unit, and thereby close the move process.


When making a move request a moveId will be generated and given to you. By passing this identificator with a future request you can make changes to the scheduled move request. Limitations are that :

  • The move process must not already have been initiated.
  • You can only alter
    • sharableOnNewUnitFrom
    • newUnitStartDate
    • oldUnitEndShareDate
    • reportingTo
    • section
    • costCentre

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