Tags and tag content

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List and add tags

To add new tags or list existing ones, go to Settings > Tags.

  • Account settings - you can define to which group the Tag belongs, or if it is Global belonging to no group.
  • Group settings - the tag will belong to this group.

On the tags page you can see:

  1. A list of already present tags
  2. Tag codes
  3. Tag category
  4. Group the tag belongs to - Global tags will state Global
  5. Option to copy a tag
  6. Scan pages if there are more than 20 Tags configured
  7. Search field
  8. Option to add tags
To add a tag:

Click Add, and fill in the various tag properties. See Tags Overview for more information.

Tag external Id must be unique within the tag category.
For tag properties that can carry multiple values (coordinates, periods and custom fields), just click Add to enter additional values.
To copy a tag

Click Copy to copy a specific tag from the tag list:

You can copy the tag to another group or within the group. The tag copy will be void of external Id, and otherwise identical. Edit and tailor the tag copy to your needs.

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