Roles and access rights FAQs

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Q: Are my current roles in Classic automatically added to Neo?

A: No, since access rights in Classic are different to Neo, we can't copy over exact settings. The first thing you should do when upgrading to Neo is to go through and configure your roles, in case there are any roles that should added or edited .

Q: How do Admin Groups work in Neo?

A: Admin groups are not currently a feature in Neo, instead an attesting manager can create a filter for their direct reports at the regional level.

Q: What is the purpose of inherited group members and them being visible in all underlying units?

A: The purpose of inherited members is to give the person access to everything below where he/she is added. So if a person is added as for example a District Manager on a District he/she will be an inherited member of all units and sections below that. The District Manager role will be inherited down so that he/she have the same access on all groups. In order for a user with a manager role to be visible in the schedule and be scheduled, they also need an employee role.

Q: I can't login to Neo, what's wrong?

A: Have a superuser colleague ensure that you have the correct role.

Q: What does the role None mean?

A: It can mean that the user has no role in the unit you're currently viewing, but rather on for example a section. In the example, Axl has no role on Store 1, but is however a section manager on the section KÖK. You can click on None to see more detail.

Q: How do I share a staff member to several units?

A: Sharing is done from Roles overview, which you will reach by clicking the role name next to the employee details in People. Click here to read more about sharing employees.

Q: What is the difference between staff category and role?

A: Staff category is a legacy concept for access rights that won't be used in Neo. Role is a new Neo concept for managing permissions.

Read more about Access rights.

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