Eligibility rules

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Eligibility rules are rules that define if an employee is eligible for a generated item within Quinyx WFM. Currently the eligibility is only supported together with bank holiday rules.

Currently eligibility rules can only be created/managed via API. GUI support will be added in Neo according to the system settings area in the Neo roadmap and feature list

Eligibility definitions

This part will explain what the different parts of the Eligibility rules are called, how they work and what options currently exists.

Example: An employee is only eligible for a bank holiday reimbursement if the employee has worked at least 45 days during the last 5 weeks.

The setup of the above example is then done in 3 steps , 1 to create the eligibility rules , 2 create the bank holiday including bank holiday rules , 3 connect the eligibility rule .

It does not matter if you create the bank holiday or eligibility first you can still connect a "new" eligibility rule to an existing bank holiday

In the example above we can break it down into the following parts

  • employee condition : Has worked at least
  • condition amount : 45
  • employee period : days
  • period condition amount : 5
  • period condition type : weeks
  • Option also exists to choose if absences defined as worked time should not be counted into the above condition amount
Employee condition

Employee condition options are as follows

  • Having been employed at least..
  • Has worked at least..
  • Has worked the same week day..
Employee period

Employee condition options are as follows

  • Days
  • Weeks
  • Full weeks
  • Full months
Period condition

Period condition type options are as follows

  • Days
  • Weeks
  • Full weeks
  • Full months
  • Same week day

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