Azure SSO SAML configuration

Updated by Leigh Hutchens

  1. Look up the app in Enterprise applications in Azure, or create one using default settings.
  2. Select Single Sign-On. You'll see the following page
The page will indicate in red that additional information is needed, but you can fill this in later.  

  1. Share the App Federation Metadata Url in Azure (1) with Quinyx.
  2. You'll receive a URL (created URL) which you can open in your browser (it will show the contents of the XML document). 
  3. Copy the entityID at the top (entityID=””) into the Entity ID field in Azure (2).
  4. Copy the Location URL (Location=””) into the Reply URL field in Azure (3). You will find it at the bottom of the XML.

Once saved, you've completed the configuration and testing can begin.

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