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Agreement templates are a core part of Quinyx and must be configured in order for the employees to be available for scheduling. Agreement templates help you keep track of all of the rules and legislations when it comes to working hours, absences, and more. 

You have to set up the Agreement templates from scratch, but once you have configured a template, you can copy it if you need to have more variants with the same basic settings.

Each person whose work is going to be scheduled in Quinyx must be covered by an agreement. The agreement can be viewed as a framework defining what rules regarding working hours are applicable to the individual, for example, whether the employee is paid on a monthly or an hourly basis, the employee's working time quota, calculation period, employment level, etc.

The agreement template determines, for example:

  • Times/periods for which unsocial hours payments are to be generated.
  • How overtime is to be calculated for the employee.
  • The pay types and leave reasons applicable to the employee.

If you have two different groups of employees who have different unsocial hours periods or different ways of calculating how overtime should be generated, for example, you may need to have more than one agreement template. Working time regulations and other applicable terms are usually governed by a collective agreement. So it's important that you check to see what applies at your organization.

Create an Agreement template

Creating an agreement template is easy, simply:

  1. Click Account settings.
  2. Under Agreements, click Templates.

  1. Click Add.
  2. Give your template a name and an optional integration key.
Integration key is not mandatory but can be a great shortcut when you need to integrate with other systems.


The Details section allows you to edit the agreement template name, integration key, and to add any relevant comments about the template.


You can navigate easily to each section in a template. Shortcuts are always be visible at the top of all agreement templates, and clicking on one of them will take you to that section in the template:

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