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People details

At the top of People details you can add/edit the employee's most important information, as well as manage their password.

To avoid incorrect/mistyped email addresses, the domain names in email addresses are evaluated according to the standards RFC1034, section 3, and RFC1123, section 2.1.

Initials in employee picture

If the employee hasn't uploaded a picture, we'll display the initials of that employee in the employee picture.

Contact details

This tab allows you to save phone numbers to a person's profile and to set additional communications settings:

  • Receive notifications via: Select by what means the user should receive notifications regarding shift changes, leave application approvals, etc. Possible values are Email address, SMS, and Qmail.
  • Copy to email: Tick this box if Qmails should be copied to the users email address. Please note this checkbox will only generate a copy to the user's email if the value "Qmail" has been selected in the "Receive notifications via" drop-down menu above.

Sharing across units

In the tab "Sharing across units" you can choose to share people to several units when the person needs to be available for scheduling and to work at other units than his/her home unit.

  • Shareable - Check the "Shareable" box to enable the person to see the schedule and work at other units. Then, select the relevant unit or units by clicking "Add unit" and choosing from the list. You can multi-select units here if needed. If the "Shareable" box is checked, but there are no units selected, this means that the person is shared with all the units in the list on the right.
  • Allow base schedules on other units - To ensure that the person is able to have a base schedule (i.e. not just shared to take ad hoc shifts) for these units, the "Allow base schedules on other units" checkbox needs to be checked.
  • Allow rollout of base schedules - If the administrators for the selected units need to be able to roll out the base schedules for people, check this box. Otherwise, permission is only granted to create the base schedules.


The "Devices" tab is blank by default. However, the first time an employee logs in to the Quinyx mobile app, a system-generated key is placed in this tab. The tab also contains information on the last time the employee in question used the app.

Authorized: You need to check Enabled for the person to be able to punch in/out via the mobile app on a specific device. This is to avoid buddy punching. For example, Billy goes to work, and when he is within the required range of the workplace to punch in, in addition to punching himself in logs in to the Quinyx app using his work buddy Sarah's account and punches her in as well.

Additional fields

Any additional fields created in the "Additional fields" tab in the "Agreements" tab of this side panel are displayed here. Click here to view the manual article describing the "Agreements" tab.


This tab allows you to link skills to a person. Please note that skills need to be created in "Employees > Skills" in Classic.

  • Add skills: Select skills that reflect the employee's skill set. In our example below, we have added "Till Training" to our employee since our employee has the competence needed to train other employees on how to work their store's till.
  • Expires: Once a skill has been added, it can be configured to expire on a certain date. For this to apply, tick the "Expires" checkbox and select the skill's expiry date in the date field that appears.


In the tab "Address" it is possible to set the following options:

  • Address
  • Postal code
  • City
  • Country

Advanced details

In the "Advanced details" tab, you can find the following options:

  • Automan: Select to include this person when automanning (Man Shifts).
  • Rank: Select a ranking used for automanning. The highest ranked people (higher number) are scheduled first.
  • Card number: The person's card number.
  • Reports to: You can choose here which administrator will receive a Qmail when the person has sent a leave application. You can select anyone with a manager role in the reports to drop-down.
  • Section: Link the person to a specific section.
  • Cost center: You can link a person to a specific cost center if necessary.
  • Allow attest of own punches: You can choose whether the person will be able to approve his/her own time punches as a manager.
  • Can use admin portal: You can choose whether the person can access the admin portal which is usually restricted to managers.
  • Has BankID: Choose whether the person has a BankID to verify their identity when attesting time punches.
  • Date of birth: Set the person's date of birth.
  • Social security number: Set the person's social security number.
  • Gender
  • Info: Possible to write general information about the person.

Next of kin / guardian

In the tab "Next of kin/Guardian" you have the possibility to enter the following information about the person:

  • Next of kin's name
  • Next of kin's phone
  • Legal guardian's name
  • Legal guardian's email


Read more information about attachments here.

Using APIs

Read more about using APIs related to Employees here.

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