Adding an absence schedule

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Absence schedule

Watch a short video tutorial here!

Sometimes an absence is entered well into the future, before there is a shift for the period. In such cases, no salary-based shift is created during the absence This means the employee will not receive any leave compensation. To counteract this, we have support for the absence schedule which, simply explained, comprises weekly templates which can be selected in the absence dialogue to create salary-based replacement shifts during the absence.

When setting up absence schedules, you decide if the absence schedule should 1) replace scheduled days, 2) replace free days or 3) replace all days. It is also possible to define that a shift from the absence schedule is to be adjusted according to nominal hours per day according to the employee’s agreement. You only need to create the absence schedule which contains the shift that covers the organisation’s highest possible full-time day nominal hours (e.g. 40 hours/week), since Quinyx will automatically adjust the absence schedule to the employee’s employment rate.

This is how you select absence schedules on leave applications and absences in Neo:

  1. Open a leave application or absence.
  2. Select which absence schedule to apply.
  3. See outcome of the selected absence schedule.
  4. Decide what to do with the shifts that are covered by the absence schedule (unassign, delete, or reassign).
  5. Approve /Save

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