Mobile - Create / edit a punch manually

Updated 2 months ago by Marcus M. Winkler

To create a manual punch you need to begin with going into the attest view by clicking the attest option in the side menu. When you are in the attest view:

  1. Click on the + icon in the top right corner and choose the options you want like time, date etc. To edit a already existing punch click on that punch.

  1. Click save and you will see the punch in the attest view. You can for example choose if overtime should be paid and write a comment.

If you want to edit a already existing punch you click on that punch, change the options you want to, and click save.

All the functions described above are ruled by access rights in the system, if you are unable to use the functions described above you need to contact your closest manager and ask them to activate these functions for you.

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