Tasks FAQ

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Q: How do I create a task?

A: To read more about task creation in the Frontline portal, you click here.

Q: Can you review and comment on tasks with uploads with no Approvers assigned?

A: Yes, you can still review and comment uploads for tasks even if you're not being asked to approve anything.

Q: Can you approve a single image if a store has uploaded multiple images within their upload?

A: No, whenever you approve tasks from stores, you are approving the task as a whole and not image by image. So if 1 image out of 3 needs improvements, you must either approve all or comment on which image needs improvements and send back all images.

Q: When will I get a notification to approve tasks when I'm an approver?

A: You will receive a notification under the bell icon as soon as something new is approved.

Q: When I have a new task to approve, how do I find the task?

A: You can get to the task you are asked to approve by selecting the notification you received.

Q: What is the relationship between parent and child tasks in the Frontline Portal?

A: Whenever you create a task and send it to the recipients, a copy of the created task will be sent to all selected recipients. We call the newly created task the parent task, and the copies of the parent task sent to recipients the child task. The child tasks sent to recipients will only be visible to the author, approver, and recipient. Once the task has been completed, that information will be sent back to the parent task and added to the progression status in the drill-down view.

If you want to read more about the drill-down view and progression statuses, click here.

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