Vuosivapaa accrual and X and V days functionality

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Vuosivapaa is a type of accrual of annual leave entitlement used in Finland. This is especially common for companies working in the hospitality and retail sectors and is required by law.

Annual leave is accrued for each calendar year by virtue of:

  • the actual number of hours worked;
  • any other time that is to be considered as working time.

How the logic works

An accrual time tracker is set up to count the punched hours. The hours are counted on different levels where each level accrues one day of vuosivapaa. There is a 2-6 month buffer before the accrual starts depending on the sector. You can set it up on the agreement of the employee.

For every new year, the time tracker calculation resets. This allows for the employee to start accruing new annual leave days.

The vuosivapaa-time tracker balance is used together with an absence type titled "Vuosivapaa". Every time the employee takes an annual leave day/vuosivapaa, it gets deducted from the vuosivapaa-time tracker balance.

Vousivapaa - how to set up the logic

  1. Create a time tracker. This is done from Account settings > Agreements > Time Trackers > Add Time Tracker.
  2. Create an accrual time tracker from the agreement template. Here you will add the various accrual factor levels depending on your sector.
Find out how to set up and work with Time Trackers here.
  1. Create a salary type. This is done from Account settings > Agreements > Salary types.
  2. Connect it to the Vuosivapaa- time tracker. This is done from Agreement template > Salary types > Edit salary type > Time Tracker > Add.
  3. Create an absence type and connect the salary type to it.
  4. Connect an absence schedule to the absence type.

Note that your absence schedule should be configured with 7,5 hours of daily value on all days of the week regardless of the nominal hours specified in the agreement template in order for the logic to work correctly.
Find out how to set up and work with absence schedules here.

X and V days

X and V days is a concept that is used by the Finnish hospitality sector and is required by law. For each week of five working days, the employee earns two days off: one is a weekly rest day ‘V’ of minimum 30 hours and the other an additional day off ‘X’ of minimum 24 hours.

X and V days- how to set up the logic?

  1. On the Agreement template > Rules for hours > activate Use X and V days logic
  2. Create shift types for X and V days. The shift should not count as scheduled or worked hours and it should be marked as a free day shift.

  1. In Account settings > Group management > [Unit] > Advanced unit settings > Shift, choose the corresponding shift types to be used.

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