Auto schedule and Auto assign run tables

Updated 1 day ago by Leigh Hutchens

Running Auto Schedule or Auto Assign

Auto Schedule or Auto Assign can be manually run within Schedule > Auto Schedule or Schedule > Auto Assign. Select Create in order to open the side panel to indicate for which time period and for which units you are interested in running the algorithm for. You are only able to select units for which the algorithm has been configured for.

Algorithm RunIDs

Whenever you experience issues with running Auto schedule and Auto assign, or whenever the result of the algorithm runs are not as you expected, you should reach out to Quinyx Support.

For Quinyx Support to best help with algorithm result issues, you can retrieve runIDs for each algorithm run in Quinyx.

The runIDs can be found by clicking on the timestamp of each run and copying the runID from the side panel to your clipboard. The runID should be provided additionally to the other details provided when describing the issue.

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