Version 341

New features

Overtime overrides unsocial time per overtime type method

New option has been added to the new overtime methods to control if overtime (OT) should override unsocial time (UT) or if OT can be generated together with UT. This new setting can be found under Settings → Tables → Overtime methods→ Edit/add new method

With this functionality it is now possible to set up that a daily OT method does NOT generate UT at the same time as OT but that the overtime method per schedule period connected to the same agreement can have both OT and UT generated

This option can only be set for the new overtime methods of type additional time and overtime (not for negative time).

Read more about overtime methods in the manual here.

Default value for overtime is ‘According to agreement’ and for additional time ‘No’ (this to match current behaviour).

API / Web Service updates

  • No updates or changes
Click here to view the new Quinyx WFM Web Service documentation
Click here to view the historical Quinyx WFM Web Service documentation

Bug fixes

  • Headcount is now correct in schedule staff view when notice of interests are present
  • Possibility to add more than 10 digits in project codes
  • Timezone available for Asia/Tokyo
  • Possibility to more than 50 shifts in rules for creation of shifts in the forecast module
  • Fix to than “null null” is shown in the By column in the log if attest is done in mobile application

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