Agreement templates - Absence types

Updated by Daniel Sjögren

Absence types are different types of absences, such as holidays, illness, parental leave, personal days, long-term illness, etc. Absence types are used during the actual absence reporting process and are visible to employees and managers in different places in the system. The absence reason carries the absence code that must reflect what is set up in your payroll system. You can also link salary types to an absence reason in order to see the output in the Time card; it's also needed if you want to use cost calculations in Quinyx.

  1. You can enable specific absence types on an agreement under Account > Agreement templates > [agreement] > Absence types.
  2. Just tick the boxes for the absences you want to use on that particular agreement.

If the absences you want to use in the agreement are already configured on a different agreement, you can save time by finding that agreement under Select template to copy from.

If you want to create a custom absence type, go to Account settings > Absence management > Absence settings.

Read more about the specifics of how and why to create an absence type here.

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