Bank holidays FAQ

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Q: What is the difference between a global bank holiday and a bank holiday set up in the agreement template?

A: The bank holidays set up in Account settings > Bank holidays are what's known as "global bank holidays" since they are applied globally across your organization/Quinyx setup. Global bank holidays will be displayed in the Schedule view with the date coloring turning red like on Sundays.

Bank holidays that are set up in your agreement templates are only applied to the people using the specific agreement template as part of their employee agreement. That said, in the Bank holiday section of your agreement template you can opt to use the default bank holidays (global) by ticking the checkbox "Use default bank holidays".

Q: Can I re-use this year's holidays for next year?

A: Yes you can. For global bank holidays, you can choose to import bank holidays based on your desired time frame and region. Read more about it here.

For bank holidays in agreement templates, you can copy and select any existing bank holidays from the current year into next year. Read more here.

Q: Can I copy the settings of a specific bank holiday to other holidays?

A: Yes you can. If you navigate to Account settings > Bank holidays > Actions > Share to holidays, you can copy the configurations of a global bank holiday to other bank holidays. Read more here.

Q: Can I copy the bank holiday configurations of a specific agreement template to other agreement templates?

A: Yes, it's possible to copy the existing bank holiday configurations to other agreement templates. Read more here.

Q: How do I create new bank holidays?

A: If you're looking to create a new global bank holiday from scratch, navigate to Account settings > Bank holidays > Add new > Create manually.

If you are looking to create a new bank holiday in your agreement template, navigate to Account settings > Agreement templates > [selected agreement template] > Bank holidays > Add.

Read more about configuring bank holidays here.
Q: How can I set up Special days?

A: Please contact your Quinyx representative or the support for this.

A: When working with bank holidays, there are several ways to configure them and set everything up for your organization. That said, if you are looking for some general recommendations, read more here.

Looking to learn more about bank holidays? Read more about global bank holidays here, and bank holidays in agreement templates here.

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