Quinyx and Insights FAQ

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Q: How can I reach Insights from Quinyx?

A: We will not add a Single Sign-On (SSO) link from Neo to Insights in the near future. Instead, users can log in to Insights with email address and password via https://insights.quinyx.com/. However, if the user has previously logged in via the SSO link, their account will be "locked" to SSO, and will not be able to log in with email and password. Through our support, you can request that we unlock all your user accounts so that they can log in directly.

Once accounts are unlocked, the user needs to set a new password by navigating to https://insights.quinyx.com/ and clicking on "Forgot password?". Here, they need to enter their Quinyx email address. It must be a real/valid email address, as they will be sent an email with password reset instructions.

The password to Quinyx and Insights are separate. The user needs to set a password for Insights even though they already have a password to Quinyx.

A: Any user with an admin account in Insights can add users in Insights.

  1. In the top-right profile menu in Insights, click on "Company settings".
  2. You should automatically land on the "Users" menu item. Click "Invite user".
  3. Enter the user's email address, first name and last name.
  4. Select their permissions - i.e. which units, metrics and groupings they should have access to. E.g. if they are a local (unit) manager, they should probably only have access to their store (unit) under Stores.
  5. If you have set up different company dashboards, you can also assign the user a default company dashboard so they see it directly when they log in.
Users added to Insights do not have to have a Quinyx account. You can invite anyone using their email address!

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