Working with tags

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Please note that Tags is a separate module in Quinyx. If you don't currently use tags but would like to, contact Quinyx Sales for further information.

What is a tag?

A tag is a container of properties that you can connect to shift types, shifts, or punches. You can use tags to track time on internal account codes, projects, cost centers, physical resources, etc., by setting them on shift type, task, or both. 

Benefits of tags

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What can you do with tags?

You can use tags to track time on different types of objects. For example, in the healthcare industry, you can use tags to track time spent on patients. You can also use tags to track time on individual projects, like a store rebranding or a website redesign. You can run reports to help you analyze numbers based on budgeted hours, scheduled hours, and punched hours for a selection of tags for a defined period of time. This additional level of time tracking can help improve budget adherence and invoicing accuracy.

Use cases

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