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To view payroll costs in Quinyx, you can define a standard pay rate in the agreement template in the Salary section.


Tick the Employed by the hour box if you want this agreement to be hourly by default. Untick the box to enter specific monthly or hourly salary information:

The calculation monthly salary / (4.2857 weeks * working hours per week) is used by default. For example: Monthly salary 25 000 / (4.2857 * 40) = Hourly cost 145.83).

You also have the option to use a custom divisor, which you set yourself. This allows Quinyx to calculate an average hourly salary. In this case, you add a custom divisor by entering how many working hours per month the monthly salary should be divided by.

Click Add to add additional salaries that will take effect in the future. They will display under Coming.

Social costs

Social costs are the percentage of both net cost and leave compensation combined. Click Add to enter this information under type, and choose between Absence or Social.

By way of example, let's say an employee is scheduled to work 160 hours, all of which will generate base salary at $10 per hour. They have a leave compensation of 12% and social costs of 25%.

  • Calculate base salary → 160 hours x $10 = $1600
  • Calculate leave compensation → $1600 x 12% = $192
  • Calculate social costs → ($1600 + $192) x 25% = $448
  • Total cost = $1600 + $192 + $448 = $2240
  • Or a quicker way of calculating total cost =  ((1600 x $10) x 1.12 ) x 1.25 = $2240

Employee age

This be used to give additional salary to employees when they get to a certain age.

Choose the starting point for the calculation. Options are:

  • Same calendar month
  • Exact calendar day
  • Next calendar month

Years worked

You can edit the salary adjustment by the number of years worked. Choose the starting point for the years worked calculation. Options include:

  • Same calendar month - (employment date)
  • Exact calendar day - (employment date)
  • Next calendar month- (employment date)
  • Same calendar month - Industry start date
  • Exact calendar day - Industry start date
  • Next calendar month - Industry start date
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