Adding an absence

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"Create an absence" side panel

To add an absence, you need to open the "Create an absence" side panel. You can go there using the navigation bar or directly from a shift:

  • Go to "Add" and select "Absence"

  • Go directly to the shift. In the "Edit shift" that appears, select "More options".

Note that you can change the time of the absence here, so it doesn’t have to be the same time as the shift.

Add an absence

  1. Go to the "Create new absence" view
  2. Select the employee
  3. Select an absence reason
  4. Date and times of the absence
  5. Attest the absence. Depending on your settings, the employee that the absence relates to may need to attest the absence before the manager is able to so. 
  6. Part time absence
    This option can be selected if you wish to split shifts based on a percentage of absence. Perhaps an employee is on 75% sick leave for a period of time, then their shifts will be split into two based on the percentage entered. You can then select whether the absence should be at the beginning on the shift or at the end and what will happen with the shifts during the times the employee is absent (delete, unassign or reassign).
  7. Add an optional comment
  8. Check the "Preliminary" box if the absence should not yet be approved but added for planning purposes
  9. Click "Save"
It's possible to add an absence after an employee end date has passed.

Example: Today is the 3rd of September. Employee X's last date to work was the 2nd of September. It's possible to go to a date when the employee was still employed and add an absence.

Absence visualized in Schedule

Absences are visualized differently in the actual schedule depending on whether or not a shift is affected by the the absence or not:

Absence with absence shift

Absence reason on top, below which shift type and time of the absence shift are displayed.

Absence without an absence shift

Absence reason only.

Watch a short video tutorial here!

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