Meal breaks FAQ

Updated by Leigh Hutchens

Q: Which devices will this work for?

A: We recommend using a computer screen or a tablet for Webpunch. 

Q: What about automatic compensation for not matching the meal break rules?

A: We will add this functionality in Q1 2023. Until then, the manager has to add the compensation manually. Make sure to set up a manual salary type that you can use until then. Read more about how to set up a manual salary type.

Q: Are meal breaks any different from “normal breaks”?

A: As soon as you activate meal breaks, you can punch out on meal breaks in Webpunch. This is the only way to punch out on a meal break, which in turn activates the related functionalities. 

Q: Will this be available in the mobile app?

A: Currently, this is not planned. If we see an increase in requests using mobile to punch out on meal breaks, then we will reconsider.

Q: What happens if I deactivate the meal break setting? 

A: If you deactivate the meal breaks in the Compensation rule, the waiver information in the timecard will be deleted. If you want the waiver information to remain, please deactivate them on a unit level. 

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