Staff sharing

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In many organizations, it's common to share employees between units. You can do this one of two ways.

Share an employee from Group settings

You can share an employee from Group settings. Click on a specific group, and then click on the employee you want to share. Click Roles overview > Share employee.

You can decide if you want to share the employee globally, within districts or to specific units. If you share the employee to a district, the employee will be shared (inherited) to all units and section within that district. If you share to a unit, the employee will be shared (inherited) to all sections within that unit.

After you've selected where to share the employee, click Share.

You have the option to select whether the sharing should have an end date. If you select an end date, the employee's role on the shared unit will be removed after that date.

Click on share again.

You will now see a blue label named Shared next to role name under the group where the employee is shared.

If you want to stop the sharing, click the red X next to the shared label.

Good to know:

  • When sharing an employee, the employee will always get the role "employee" on the group you share them to.
  • The manager who "borrows" someone can then decide if they want to give that employee a higher role on their own unit using the "Add role" function.
  • You can only share globally, within the district, or to specific units. It's not possible to share to a specific section.
  • You need write access for the People permission settings to be able to share employees.
The sharing functionality only applies within Quinyx. If you want your employees to also be shared in the mobile app, you must configure Quinyx mobile access rights (read more about that here). Until that is configured you must continue to use the existing "sharing across units" under People details in order for the employees to also be shared in the mobile app.

Share an employee from People tab

In the tab "Sharing across units", you can choose to share people to several units when the person needs to be available for scheduling and to work at other units than his or her home unit.

Please note that if an employee is shared, they receive an employee role, and the manager can create and roll out their base schedule. The following checkboxes are present to maintain backward compatibility with Classic.
  • Allow base schedules on other units: To ensure that the person is able to have a base schedule (i.e. not just shared to take ad hoc shifts) for these units, the "Allow base schedules on other units" checkbox needs to be checked.
  • Allow rollout of base schedules: If the administrators for the selected units need to be able to roll out the base schedules for people, check this box. Otherwise, permission is only granted to create the base schedules.

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