Version 348

Updated 4 years ago by Stephan Hale

New features

Possibility for multiple PDF templates on agreements

It is now possible to connect multiple pdf templates to an agreement template.

This is configured from Time → Agreements templates → Chosen template E-signing

The different templates can then be chosen from the start e-signing process from the agreement. The possibility to choose which pdf template to preview is also available.

Read more about E-signing here.

Shifts with unchecked "count as scheduled hours" now generates a salary cost

When using shifts that are set to not "count as scheduled hours" under the advanced settings on the shift/shift type these will now be calculated as a salary cost in schedule view as well as when they have a punch attached to them in the Time view. This change will also affect the forecast view that will use the same new functionality.

"Rate Quinyx" dialog

A new rating dialog will now appear in the Admin portal 10 seconds after entering the Schedule or Employees tab. After giving a star rating, the user may be invited to write a review of Quinyx on an external rating service. All star ratings are anonymous and are only used to help us improve our services.

API / Web Service updates

wsdlGetAgreementInfoByDate - New method for gathering info about an agreements values at a certain date in time

wsdlGetAgreementTemplatesV2 - Support for extAgreementTemplateId in request

wsdlGetAgreementsV2 - Support for extAgreementTemplateId in request

wsdlUpdateagreementsV2 - Support for extAgreementTemplateId in request

wsdlGetSchedulesV2 -  leaveReasonId added in the response

Click here to view the new Quinyx WFM Web Service documentation
Click here to view the historical Quinyx WFM Web Service documentation

Updates and performance

  • Access right added for document handling in the employee card
  • The link to manual now redirects to english version of HelpDocs
  • General performance improvements

Bug fixes

  • Fix to where shifts set as not "count as scheduled hours" should still validate against skills
  • Correction to where shifts set as not "count as schedules hours" in a fixed schedule counted towards overtime when using overtime method "more than scheduled hours in the fixed schedule"
  • Correction to fixed schedule report printed from Schedules - Fix schedules - Chosen fixed schedule shows correct UT information for UT 4-8
  • Fix to that report Rules circumvention log does not log all rule breaks
  • Correction to where when trying to save an employee with an existing email adress created a new agreement for that employee
  • Correction to where trying to split a punch on a day with absence created logged the user out of the system
  • Correction to where moving a shift between months created an error of overlapping shift

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