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Updated 1 day ago by Johannes Nordman

You can subscribe to your Quinyx schedule via a Webcal link if you want to view your schedule in Google, Outlook or the Apple calendar, for example. You can for instance share your schedule with a family member in the same way. Employees can access the Webcal link from the staff portal under MyPage. 

  1. Enabled - If not enabled the link will not work and will not update
  2. Name - Your name for the calendar to be shown on the “other” calendar
  3. URL - This is the link to the calendar which you add in the client calendar application. You have the possibility to create a new link and to copy to clipboard.
  4. Scheduled shifts - Indicate if scheduled shifts should be synced
  5. Absence - Indicate if that absence shifts should be synced
  6. Open shifts - Indicate if unmanned shifts should be synced
  7. Filter by notice of interest - Determines if unassigned shifts should only be shown if they match my Notices of Interest

If you are unable to see the "Web Calendar" view in MyPage the function needs to be turned on by the organisation you work for.

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