SAML Single Sign On

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Quinyx supports the SAML 2.0 specification.

SAML Single Sign On provider configuration

NOTE: Old SAML configurations will not be upgraded to this new format and hence not be visible in the provider list

Prerequisites to complete a configuration:

  1. IDP (Identity provider) set up supporting the SAML 2 configuration.

Access to the authentication settings is restricted to the Account manager role.

Basic configuration

To create a new configuration or to edit an existing one, go to Authentication settings > SAML providers:

  1. Click Add to create a new configuration:
  2. Configure the basic details for the SAML configuration:
  3. Name: The name of the provider in Quinyx.
  4. Attribute name: The attribute used as username in the SAML setup.
  5. Identification type: What data type can Quinyx match with the data from the IDP.
  6. Select the way to provide SAML provider metadata from the IDP.
    1. URL: Add the link to the SAML provider's metadata or
    2. Copy and paste the metadata XML into the text field:
  7. Click Continue.
  8. Click twice on Update provider and Quinyx will present a URL that should be provided to the IDP to enable two-way communication between the provider and Quinyx:Copy the URL and finalize the configuration in your IDP

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