Version 349

New features

Possibility for a default absence schedule

It is now possible to define a default absence schedule for each individual absence. This is configured from Settings → Tables → Leave Types Selected Leave

When a leave or approving a leave and will then use the default absence schedule for that chosen leave. If a leave does not have a default absence schedule and is chosen then the absence schedule will be "No absence schedule". We have also changed the order in the absence dialogue to:

  • Employee
  • Reason for absence
  • Absence schedule (optional)

Access rights is available if managers should be restricted in changing the default absence schedule. Read more about access rights here

Currently the default absence schedule only works when approving leaves from Classic

New options when defining an absence schedule

When defining an absence schedule there is now a new option to not adjust the absence schedules shift length. With this change there is now three options in regards to how the shift length is handled

  1. Using employment rate (current option 'Always use nominal hours' - unchecked). With this option shift length for the day is adjusted for part time employees, total shift length for the day. They can't exceed nominal hours per day but it can be less.
  2. Use nominal hours (current option 'Always use nominal hours' - checked). Shift length for the day will always match the nominal hours per day, regardless of the length of the absence schedule shift. It's applied for full and part time employees.
  3. No adjustment (new option). This option will ignore employees nominal hours and use the absence schedule shift as they are specified.

Support for lock and update payroll via API (currently in test)

Support for locking and updating payroll via Web Services is now possible with two new wsdl calls added:

It is possible to either retrieve a valid payroll file to be exported into the payroll system or a "generic" file with payroll data included.

API / Web Service updates

wsdlGetSchedulesV2 : Two new output fields (boolean) have been added to the output:

  • approvedLeave
  • approvedLeaveByEmployee

wsdlUpdateManualSalaries : Possibility to add (or subtract) manual salaries to the Time card.

wsdlInitiateTransferToPayroll , wsdlGetResultTransferToPayroll : Possibility to lock and update payroll through API

Click here to view the new Quinyx WFM Web Service documentation. More info can be found here

Updates and performance

  • Scrive : District manager added as a choice for signature flow
  • General performance updates in Time module

Bug fixes

  • Fix for rounding in Agresso absence payroll file in some cases with multiple absences on one day
  • Employee "reports to" manager is now removed when employee is moved to new unit and the old manager is not valid anymore
  • Correction to cases where manually added salary types where logged to the wrong person when creating a definitive payroll file
  • Correction to some cases where local manager receives error and cannot see leave applications in dashboard

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