Absence FAQs

Updated 3 months ago by Leigh Hutchens

Q: How do I select to keep, unassign, or reassign underlying shifts when adding an absence?

A: The selection is made when adding the absence. The choice will be the same for all shifts in the absence period.

Q: When a person is absent and someone else is assigned to the shift, does Neo show the audit trail of who the shift originally belonged to? 

A: The audit trail itself can't be viewed in Neo, but is still visible in Classic and recorded in the Schedule Logs.

Q: Can I add a part time absence as a percentage? 

A: Yes

Q: How do you add an absence when you already have an part-time absence (for example,  part time sick 25% for 4 weeks with 3 days of vacation in the middle)?

A: The outcome you're looking for is currently only possible if you add three individual absences - one part-time sick leave 25% for the first period, followed by another (full-time?) absence of three days, in turn followed by a part-time sick leave of 25% during the third period. Support for adding overlapping absences, i.e. you add the 3 days of vacation on top of the already existing part-time sick leave, is being added in the sprints to come.

Read more about Adding an absence.

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