New to Quinyx WFM? Start here!

Updated 3 weeks ago by Leigh Hutchens

Are You new to Quinyx WFM? Welcome to Helpdocs, our Quinyx knowledge base! Don't know where to start? Luckily, we have plenty of resources to help you make the most of Quinyx!

For super users and managers

We have video tutorials you might find helpful.

For staff

We encourage all employees to use our feature-filled mobile app. However, if you don't have a smartphone or prefer not to use our mobile app, we offer a lightweight alternative. Just log in to, and you'll be taken to the staff portal. If you're a manager, you'll automatically reach the manager portal when you log in. Don't worry, you can easily switch to the staff portal by clicking "Switch to staff portal" in the top-right profile menu.

Read more about the Quinyx staff portal here.

Give us feedback!

We strive to constantly improve Quinyx, and the foremost driving factor in its development is feedback from our users. The most common improvement suggestions have the highest priority, so it's important to make your voice heard.

Just click "Send us feedback" in the profile menu. When you send us feedback it goes straight to our awesome Product team. Sometimes they might get back to you with follow-up questions.

Enjoy work!

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