Frontline Portal - Sharing a folder with particular people or roles

Updated by Leigh Hutchens

There may be occasions where a folder should only be accessible to a select group of individuals or roles (rather than entire groups or stores).

For example:

The Human Resources folder should only be available to store managers and not store associates.

I want to share the 'Project X' folder with John & Jane but not my other HQ colleagues.

Here's how to share folders in this way in Frontline Portal:

  1. Click on the + button and choose Folder.
  2. When you're asked for the name of your new folder, check the Make this private box.
You can't make the folder public once you've selected Make this private. Private folders and their contents are visible only to you and anyone you share them with. Files cannot be moved into it; they must be uploaded to the folder directly.
 Hint: The eye icon on the folder is a quick visual to identify privately shared folders.
  1. Once you've created the new folder, click on the folder to select the people that you'd like to have access to this folder. 
Hint! you can use the Role and Location filters along with the Select All button to build your distribution list
Hint! Other people in your group won't have access to this folder automatically, you must explicitly share this folder with the people in your group who need access

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