Version 371

Updated by Leigh Hutchens

New functionality

Nothing at this time.

Updates and performance improvements

  • When changing the unit on an employee who is not shared but has roles in Neo in other groups, future shifts will not be removed. This is regardless of whether the change is performed from Classic, Neo, or Web Services
  • It is possible to have key for additional employee field contain some special characters (minus - , underscore _ , etc.)

API / Web Service updates

wsdlUpdateShiftTypes : Possibility to create tasks on shift types

wsdlGetUnits & wsdlGetUnit : Now returns business daybreak

wsdlUpdateEmployees : Added possibility to update badge number

Click here to view the new Quinyx WFM Web Service documentation. You can find even more web services info here.

Bug fixes

  • Correction to fixed schedule report showing wrong outcome of UT
  • Correction to fixed schedule report not showing the correct amount of days for the individual weeks
  • Correction to WP3 logging out in some combination of actions is performed
  • Correction to punched hours report in regards to punched hours and break calculations
  • Correction to Schedule period and daybreak not set to 00:00
  • Correction to Webpunch and visibility of punches made prior to current day

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