Password management

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Send a password to a new employee

When you create a new employee, "Send welcome email" is automatically ticked. If ticked, the employee will receive a welcome email:

The email contains instructions on how to set a password, login information, and instructions on how to download our mobile app.

From that point forward, employees can reset their password themselves from the mobile app. However, managers can also trigger a new password for an employee by clicking "Send Password" in the People details panel:

You also have the option to set a one time password:

When the employee enters the one time password and clicks on login, a text will appear indicating that the password needs to be changed. After clicking on the text, they will be taken to a page where they have to set their own password and then save and login:

Send password reset email to one employee

You can send a password reset email to individual employees.

  1. Navigate to People, and click on the employee to whom you want to send an email password.
  2. In People details, click "Set one time password":
  1. You'll get a message that the new password instructions have been sent.

Send password reset email to multiple employees

You can send a password reset email to multiple employees at once.

  1. Navigate to People, and click on the three dots in the top-right corner.
  2. Click on send password, and a side panel will open.
  3. Select the people to whom you want to send the password reset email:
  1. The people you select will appear in a list below the search field:
  1. When you're finished selecting people, click send, and the side panel will close.
  2. A toaster will appear in the top-right corner indicating whether the email was sent successfully.
The minimum required permission to send a reset password email is People details - WRITE

Password validations

All validations (described here) are checked when a user logs in to Neo, and the user is notified with a red text on the login page if something is not correct (see examples below):

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