Schedule on district level

Updated by Daniel Sjögren

We have limited support for scheduling on district level.
We have very limited support for base schedules on district level.

How to:

  1. Go to the so-called Group selector and select a district.
  1. Click on the district. You can tell it's a district if you see this icon before the name in the list.
  2. Go to the schedule view.

Supported actions

Currently, it's possible to do the following actions on district level:

  • View the schedule items in the district, i.e. shifts, tasks, punches, absence, leave applications, Notices of Interest, and Unavailability.
Note that you cannot see which unit the schedule items belong to.
  • Attest time
  • Open and view the time card
  • Filter
  • Access the time card
  • Send Qmails
  • View Employee KPIs
    • You're able to see values for rollout hours, nominal hours and available hours

Currently, it's not possible to do the following actions:

  • View Statistics
  • Add shifts, tasks, punches, and absences
Make sure that you have a role on district level in order to view the district view.

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