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Getting started

To get started with Quinyx REST API, there are a few things you will need to know.

The framework used for authorisations to the REST API´s is Oauth2. More detailed information can be found here 


The basic flow for authentication is that a user is given a set of credentials that is identified with a uuid:

  • uuid - this is an identifier for the set of credentials. This is to be used in communication with Quinyx support if needed.
  • Client id - keep this in a safe place. Can be shared, usually used as a username in applications such as Postman or similar.
  • Client secret - needs to be kept VERY confidential, this is the password and in combination with the Client id gives the owner access to the defined scopes.
Scopes and permissions


Scope determines what "group" of functionality you will be able to access through the API.

As an example

  • Forecast
  • Forecast Prediction
  • Tags


Permissions determines what you can do with the functionality that you have access through.

Read - GET

Add - POST

Write - PUT, PATCH

Delete - DELETE

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