Quinyx remembers - on account level

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Quinyx remembers - on account level

Sometimes you may want to keep your schedule display options, filter selections, or statistics when navigating to another unit or section than your primary one. Quinyx remembers your selections on an account level, meaning you are free to browse as your roles permit without having to manually re-add them every time.

Everything described on this page applies to the Schedule - not to Base schedule.

Below are the items that Quinyx remembers:


Possible options

View mode

Day, week, month, custom

Date (span)

Any date selected that reflects the above-mentioned selected view mode


Start time

Employee Name A-Z

Employee Name Z-A

Diff. of scheduled/nominal hours in calculation period

Employee metric calculation period

Selected period

Schedule period

Balance period


Scheduled hours/Nominal hours

Worked hours/Nominal hours

Expected hours/Nominal hours

Worked hours/Rolled out hours

Metric display mode


By agreement

Calendar weeks


Don't display

Filter category






Absence requests

Notices of Interest


Filter field selection

Any selections in any of the fields in any of the above categories

Whether or not statistics are displayed

Display or don’t display

Statistics view mode




Selected variables

Any variable selection in any display group (cost/hours/custom display groups)

Which display group (or “tab”) currently displayed in the schedule is currently not remembered by Quinyx on the account level, but thanks to your feedback on this topic, we're planning to make improvements!
If you filter on an employee in Group A and then move to Group B where that employee doesn’t have a role and therefore can’t display in the schedule, that specific employee won’t appear as a filter selection in Group B.

Currently, that selection will still be counted in the number you see on the filter funnel icon in Group B’s schedule. We're planning to improve this soon. If you navigate back to Group A, that employee will appear as a filter field selection, just like you left it. It will also appear if you navigate to any other group where that employee has a role.

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