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Updated 3 months ago by Daniel Sjögren

Clicking Send us feedback will allow you to share improvement suggestions with the Quinyx Product Team. We are really thankful for your feedback; it will help us build a better product.

If you are experiencing a bug or need support, please refer to your company’s superuser.
You can add attachments to send with your feedback. This feature supports file sizes of a maximum of 20 megabytes and attachment names of up to 80 characters. You can add multiple attachments to one feedback message.
What happens next?

Within a couple of weeks, your feedback will be reviewed by one of our product managers and categorized according to the functional area it relates to. This allows us to prioritize improvements within the functional areas that receive the most feedback.

For bandwidth reasons, note that you will only be contacted if our product managers need more information to fully understand your feedback.

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