Integration key FAQ

Updated by Daniel Sjögren

Q: Where in Quinyx can I add integration keys in all of the same touch points as I could in Classic?

A: Integration keys are used to easily map your details and configurations unique to Quinyx to any third-party systems that you utilize in your organization. You can add integration keys in all the same touchpoints as could be done previously in Classic. Integration keys are available for:

  • Cost Center
  • Shift types
  • Skills
  • Roles
  • Agreement templates
  • Units
  • Sections
  • Groups

Integration keys have a character limit of 50.

From a validation standpoint, while historically, Integration Keys didn’t have to be unique when adding or editing them through the manager portal, they do. This applies to all items listed above except for roles, sections, and cost centers.
Integration keys for Cost Centers have been hidden with release 0174 to minimize the confusion with that and the Reference ID.
Read more here about integration credentials.
Q: Can the external unit ID be found through its unit integration key?

A: Yes, if you run the SOAP API call GetUnit you are able to find the external unit ID within the response.

Click here if you want to read more about the SOAP API call GetUnit.

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