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Q: How do I get an overview of everyone’s assigned role in Quinyx?

A: Currently, you can see roles by clicking through the Organization under Account settings, or viewing employee roles in the People tab.

Q: Can we bulk import employees to Quinyx?

A: Quinyx implementation team can help you create new users in bulk via our API. If you need help, contact our awesome Quinyx Support team to set up a service request.

Q: Is it possible to reset a password manually in Quinyx?

A: Yes. Read more about password management here.

Q: Are inactive employees accessible in Quinyx?

A: Yes. Just navigate to People > Display > Inactive people.

Q: When I search for an employee, what criteria can I search for?

A: You can search for a name, email, and badge number.

Q: To end employment, which setting do I need to untick to set an end date?

A: Untick Employed.

Q: How can I set the second agreement of an employee to be the main agreement?

A: Navigate to People > [Employee in question] > Agreements > Agreement > Pick the agreement in the drop-down list that you want to have as the main agreement. > Tick Main agreement > Save.

Q: Can you remove the employee agreement from an inactive user?

A: Yes. Navigate to People > [Employee in question] > Agreements > Agreement > Set an end date to the agreement, and it will be removed.

Q: Can passive employees log into Quinyx?

A: No, they cannot. Also, note that when you mark an employee as passive, they no longer count as an active license.

Q: If I delete a user, what information is removed?

A: All related schedule and punching history connected to the user will be deleted.

Q: Employees can reset their password themselves from the mobile app. How can managers trigger a new password for an employee?

A: In the employee card, click Send Password & Set one time password.

Read more about Adding a person.

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